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  About Us
KTS Wire Ltd take great pride in maintaining the company’s position as a leading manufacturer of plain carbon, alloy and stainless steel, rolled and shaped wires.

KTS has practical knowledge and skills developed over more than half a century of manufacture in both consumer and industrial markets. When coupled with individual expertise and technical excellence, this experience ensures that the services and products offered achieve the high standards demanded by today’s market.

KTS Wire Ltd. recognised the importance of selling its products throughout the world early in its development and has a long exporting history. KTS has major markets in USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. We have developed our markets so that today we export to over 30 countries, giving our customers the assurance that we can provide both the quality, technical and customer service to meet their exacting requirements.

KTS CIRCA 1960 - 1970

Products and Markets:
KTS specialise in the manufacture of Cold Rolled Steel flat and shaped rolled steel wires that can be supplied in a wide range of sizes in either coils or cut lengths.

KTS wires are used extensively in many sectors of industry, and in particular:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Bedding & Seating Industry
  • White Goods Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Fastener Industry
  • Brush Industry
  • Spring Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Tool Industry

We purchase our raw material (steel wire rod) at competitive prices from approved sources worldwide and we work in partnership with our suppliers to secure supplies of consistent high quality and to optimise the supply chain process.

Our production range covers the following steel grades:
  • Low Carbon (Mild) Steel
  • High Carbon Steel
  • Micro Alloyed Steel
  • Low Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
These grades can be supplied to customers requirements, in a full range of tempers that include:
  • Annealed & Pinch Passed
  • Inter Annealed
  • Hard Rolled
  • Oil Hardened and Tempered

Our Customer Care Team is at your service and will liaise with your Purchasing & Technical Departments to ensure that pre production product samples are manufactured to conform to your specifications thus ensuring that a firm basis is developed for successful ongoing trading as your demands increase.

The ‘KTS Team’ takes great pride in developing and improving on the sound foundations of technical expertise that were developed and established over fifty years in this family owned business.

Quality accreditation has been an intrinsic part of the KTS philosophy for many years and we are accredited to and comply with the strict demands of ISO 9001: 2008.

Cold Rolled Flat & Shaped Wires:
Flat Round Edge
Flat Square Edge
Supplied in all Tempers:
Annealed & Pinch Passed
Inter Annealed
Hard Rolled
Oil Hardened & Tempered
Steel Grades:
Low Carbon
High Carbon
Micro Alloyed
Low Alloy
Stainless Steel
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