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KTS Wire's presence in Morley dates back to June 1947 initially supplying the textile industry with flat steel wire. Gradually, as the business grew, KTS introduced precision shaped wires for the automotive sector amongst others and began to outgrow the limitations of its original multi level site at Park Mills. As a result of this growth KTS acquired the current 3.45 acre site in Morley in 1987 and gradually moved its manufacturing operation to the new site at Howley Park Road where it is now located.

The new facility provided the opportunity for KTS to broaden its product portfolio with the introduction of new plant and machinery and in 1997 an extension to the factory was erected to facilitate the company's continued growth.


In 2014 KTS became part of Suzuki Garphyttan Group based in Sweden, which in turn is owned by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal based in Japan. The Suzuki Garphyttan Group also has manufacturing facilities in Sweden, USA, Mexico, China and a distribution business in Germany and specialised in high quality wire production primarily for the automotive powertain sector.

Over the years KTS has maintained its reputation of being a technological leader in the wire market with innovations such as our patented controlled surface oxidation to provide a clean and uniform black finish. Members of our technical team are BSI technical committee members and provide their expertise in shaping industry leading standards. KTS utilises some of the most advanced process controls in the industry to uphold our uniform product consistency. In addition KTS remains flexible and attentive to the customer's requirements and developments and as a result is listed as a preferred supplier to several major Automotive OEM.

Furthering the company's stategy of continuing to widen its product range in 2017 KTS acquired acquired new machinery and extended its range of products by enabling the rolling of more complex shapes. KTS now operates over forty varying machines within three onsite buildings supplying customers with orders ranging from 500kgs to multiple container loads.

KTS will continue to strive to develop better products and processes as part of the company's continuous improvement programme.

Please visit http://www.suzuki-garphyttan.com to find out more about our group.


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