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Benefits of KTS Wire:
KTS is a steel wire producer that is totally focussed towards producing Rolled steel wire Shapes and Sections, which can be produced in a complete range of tempers. Our ability to offer the technical benefits of Oil Hardened and Tempered products ensures that we can offer our customers the benefit of our expertise when they wish to select a product that is most suitable for their requirements. Our skills are suited to the precision requirements of our products and by focussing specifically on these speciality products we can ensure that we have the appropriate controls to ensure that we present to our customers a product that satisfies them in all respects, delivering their ordered quantity to specification, in good condition, on time and at lowest cost.

Minimum Ordered Quantities:

The minimum order quantity for the purchase of wire rods, our raw material, from the steel producer is 4 tonnes. This weight reflects into the minimum order quantities that we can supply, which is 4 tonnes. Smaller quantities may be supplied where the final wire size is a small dimension or where the wire rod is both of a size and quality that is normally held in stock and processed by KTS on a regular basis.

We have an expert Sales/Technical Team that can provide the expertise that may be required in support of our customer and our products.

We source our raw materials directly from the major steel wire rod manufacturers in Europe and their selection on to our approved suppliers list is only accepted after a rigorous appraisal has been made of their production process and production routes.

Wire Drawing:

The usual initial process when processing the wire rod is for us to draw the rod to a diameter most suitable in terms of size and tensile for the further processing to the final rolled shape. For the majority of our products we would normally produce either a 1,000kgs coil or if necessary a 500kgs Traverse Wound Coil.
The majority of our drawn wires are produced as the feed wire for further in house processing to rolled flat wires and shapes. We will however consider enquiries for the supply of drawn round wires where appropriate.

Rolled Flat & Shaped Wires:

KTS has developed its rolling process machines over many years so that we have a range of multi stand rolling machines that will allow us to roll round feed wires in one pass to prepare them for the next operation whether it is an intermediate anneal, final rolled size for Oil Hardening & Tempering or final rolled size for despatch to the customer. We can offer product rolled to finished size in the Pinch Pass Annealed, Inter Annealed, Direct Hard Rolled from wire or in a Hard Rolled Patented condition. The final properties will determine the process route that is most applicable to the customer's specification and process requirements.

Oil Hardened & Tempered Products:

KTS can offer both round, flat and shaped section wires in the Oil Hardened & Tempered condition. This process is available to customers to provide a Tempered Martensite structure within the steel providing enhance Resilience and Straightness properties within the material, whilst providing sufficient ductility to allow the material to withstand the severe forming operations required in our customers' cold forming operations.

The structure being Tempered Martensite is very homogeneous results in the elimination of all internal stress generated throughout the Drawing & Cold Rolling processes. As a result our customers can expect good consistency throughout the material that will allow the customer to carry out their forming operations in confidence.
Final product performance will be superior as a result of these enhanced physical properties that can be generated by this process.


Cold Rolled Flat & Shaped Wires:
Flat Round Edge
Flat Square Edge
Supplied in all Tempers:
Annealed & Pinch Passed
Inter Annealed
Hard Rolled
Oil Hardened & Tempered
Steel Grades:
Low Carbon
High Carbon
Micro Alloyed
Low Alloy
Stainless Steel
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